about me

and patterns inspired by moments of letting myself be lazy

hi, my name is Ieva

i am the person behind Idle Patterns art project. 

Idle Patterns Ieva Rukaviciute

for some the name idle patterns may sound odd. i call my project Idle Patterns not because my art would be easy to do but simply to emphasize the energy that goes into creating it. we are living in a time when lack of time and constant rush is already a status symbol of an individual. yet I believe that only slow, intentional & conscious living can bring true and deep happiness. that is why i encourage others to slow down, reflect themselves and start their self-reflection journey while analyzing or simply looking at the patterns in my art-works.

Idle Patterns Ieva Rukaviciute_2

my first patterns were born long time ago, in my childhood. at that time i didn't even know that the patterns that seemed so natural for me, have their own official name and are a distinct art form practiced by many people around the world.

doodle art is created by laying abstract patterns on paper without any prior plan. in my works, a circle of mandala usually controls this chaos. although the mandala is usually a form of self-reflection or meditation, for me it is primarily a technique, and the pattern that fills it in is a pure coincidence. that's why I can hardly put a one single name for my art works and simply call them mandoodles, which by the way was also the name of my first solo exhibition a video of which you can watch here. you can know more about the exhibition in this interview at Žmonės magazine.

creating is very important to me, more importantly - sharing my art with others. for this reason not only I drawbut I also launched my own apparel and accessories linewhich allowed me to take the works of art outside of the art frame. I believe that art must surround us each and every day, so it must be seen not only on the walls of a house or gallery!

art without haste

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