art is not only about paintings and exhibitions. garments produced with care and attention can also be considered an art. that is why i place my patterns only on high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly fabrics.

idle patterns e-shop

apparel, accessories, original art and many other patterned products will soon be available on idle patterns Etsy store. news coming soon!

tote bag

the iconic tote bag is durable, can withstand heavy weights, is capacious and perfectly replaces plastic bags. minimalist design, produced using recycled fabrics.

Tote Bag Menulis Idle Patterns Drabuziai


idle patterns t-shirts are suitable for both formal and leisure environments. there are t-shirts for men, ladies and kids decorated with various prints. soon available in Etsy store online! 

Marskineliai Lietuva Idle Patterns Drabuziai


sweatshirts & hoodies are my favorite casual wear. the larger in size, the cozier. you can find two models of sweaters in the Etsy store - with and without a hoodie. 

Dzemperis Ezys Idle Patterns Drabuziai

custom orders

if you couldn't find a suitable garment in the Etsy store online, view the idle patterns catalog. how to order?

  1. choose favorite garment, color & size.
  2. pick a print.
  3. send your order to

Idle Patterns drabužiai nėra masinės produkcijos gaminiai – individualus užsakymas gaminamas specialiai tau, todėl jam taikomas papildomas 7 eur mokestis, atitenkantis šilkografijos meistrui.

fabrics & prints

i know how disappointing it is to buy a piece of a garment just to find out it wears out and loses it's quality after the very first wash. that is why i put all my heart into finding the highest quality materials to produce Idle Patterns clothes and bags. i care a lot about quality, durability and comfort, so all products are not only super cozy and comfy but are made only from sustainable and durable fabrics - organic or recycled cotton & recycled polyester. the art print is of the finest quality silk-screen print, handmade by a local craftsman. unlike most of the other printing methods, silk-screen printing is much more durable – it holds up multiple washes without losing it’s quality and getting that “fading” effect we all hate. 

Drabuziai Idle Patterns Audiniai

all the clothes and bags must be washed inside out to keep the best condition for as long as possible. wash similar colors together. wash and iron inside out. use a low temperature. don’t use harsh detergent products. don’t bleach. don’t put the clothes in a hot dryer. don’t iron on the print. wash with love. <3

Drabuziai_Idle Patterns Prieziura
Drabuziai Idle Patterns Sertifikatai Organic Textile Standard
Drabuziai Idle Patterns Sertifikatai Global Recycled Standard
art without haste

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