original art is much more than a decoration of walls. every pattern has a story to tell.

how to purchase?

paveikslai, drabužiai, aksesuarai ir daugybė kitų, raštais dekoruotų produktų pasiekiami Idle Patterns Etsy parduotuvėje. visus kitus paveikslus galite peržiūrėti here, purchase - by contacting me on e-mail


all the original art works decorated with patterns can be found in my portfolio here. this edition features doodle art and mandala-style-inspired drawings created since 2015. you can purchase many of them by e-mailing me arba apsilankę Idle Patterns Etsy parduotuvėje.

will it fit in my interior?

having doubts whether the painting will really fit in the interior? you can "try it out" by e-mailing me a photo of your interior to and I will put the artwork in your interior using a photo editing program. in Vilnius, the art can be "tried out" physically without any additional fees.


looking for an original art created specifically according to your interior needs? I can help! patterns can go beyond the frame of the picture by creating wall murals, decorating furniture or any other interior element. for orders and consultations contact me by private message.

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techniques & materials

standard hand-drawn drawings are usually created on A4 (210 × 297 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm) size paper. i use non-fading black markers of various thicknesses, which help to extract extremely small and detailed patterns. custom-made art works can be made using other techniques and tools.

Idle Patterns Paveikslai Raštai
art without haste

enjoying my idle art? get in contact for questions & orders

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